25 January 2007

the stereotypes?

some streetshots from palermo&catania. i'm trying these because of the faces. what are your associates with sicily, what are the stereotypes? do people live there like in my pics?
i often ask this question while making photos "at home". i know it, i feel it, and i can tell a story. although i know sicily quite qell, i'm not native, i'd never understand some things.
which is easier: to tell a story you know pretty good or the one you can't know but you just feel excited?


F said...

I think it's often harder to tell the ones you know. I'm still trying to find out how to answer Markus' "This is my job, show me yours'" O_o


marcin said...

all of the streets here are covered with snow, it's hardly snowing now, world outside is just covered with with, and you just attack my eyes with this wonderful honeylike colours. I am packing my stuff just now :)

Ulf said...

Yes, this is a good question Joanna. I have been thinking of it many times.
My experience is similar to yours, I have pretty hard times when abroad, even if it is a city or place I know.
But I am working on it. Asking my friends about it, they often tell the opposite - it´s easier for them to make good pictures in an unfamiliar environment.

I am sometimes thinking about the fact that we on the F Blog have the
great opportunity to invite photographers for example from Sicily or Africa or any part of the world. To let them show their interpretation of the places.

But think about Marion. She was only 29 years old, making such important pictures from the Mississippi Delta for instance.
So there is no "absolute truth" to this question.

jeanne said...

Well, I confess, it is easier for me to be a stranger. I love finding new things, overlooked things, all of that. I'm never really interested in telling a story as much as I am interested in finding out what the story is. Make sense?

But remember, I rarely leave my garden, so just about anywhere is like a foreign coutry to me.

mats äleklint said...

I dont really know the life in sicily, but I really like these pictures!