25 January 2007

people at work, Gruvön

Anneli Lundberg sent me some excellent pictures that I am happy
to share with you. She was our invited guest
3 October 2006.
It´s good to see you again at the F blog Anneli! -urbano

"These pictures were published in a book printed in 2006, celebrating
the 75th anniversary of a branch (Gruvön) of the Swedish Paper
Workers Union. I was asked to contribute with ten pages of photos
presenting my view of Gruvön.
It turned out that I was finally asked
to illustrate the entire book. It was a very stimulating project since I
was free to chose my way of creating the pictures.
I was glad that
I didn´t have to do a documentary because it´s not quite my way
of photographing"

photographer©Anneli Lundberg


F said...

I think these are great Annelie! Catching the atmosphere of this place instead of catching the apperance...its hard to explain.


F said...

The third picture I like alot. It looks a bit like vaginas. And I think that is probably not too rude for me to asume since it is Anneli's photo. I like your feminine authority!


Anonymous said...

det blanka skurade golvet. De krökta rören som beskäftiga elefantsnablar. oj oj
och flakmoppen med gubbarna. Inget av detta kan skrivas på annat språk.
Så very nice pictures is it.

Anneli said...

Thank you! And thanks for inviting me to show my photos here again.
No, Umma, you're not rude - you're right! Most of my pictures are body pictures, even those without people in them... yes, maybe even more so when I make photos devoid of people. Then I can express what I want without it becoming a picture of a specific person. More a sensation, a touch, a perfume.