07 February 2007

Invited guest: Katia Chausheva

La Notte

I was totally mesmerized when I first saw the work of Katia Chausheva.
She´s got a very personal style
and her images are filled with silent pain,
anxiety and longing.
Katia says that she has difficulties
expressing herself in words.That´s fine by me.
Her way of seeing speeks volumes...

invited by: helena nilsson

Out to the heavens above me

The Rose

I was waiting, the grass was black

My body was yours

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Markus said...

Wow! Katia, this is so beautiful. Sad and silent.

abeku said...

Yep, beautiful melancholy.

j. s-g. said...

The female body as sculpture?

ulf said...

Yes I like it too
and you have created many
beautiful pictures
Thanks for being here!

F said...

-Oh, I like these Katia!

Specially I like the mix between softness in shape and roughness in surface.


Anonymous said...

Welcome here!
I'm lover of your photographs. Do you know it.


Anonymous said...

hi!-thank you:))i 'm glad to see you here !!!

Anonymous said...

and thanks to all:)!