07 February 2007

Little Pandas paint by number party

If I was more like you
More soft
More pale
We could take drugs together
Hand in hand
Like father and son
I could live with you

Give up...

Xiu Xiu Ten-Thousand-Times-A-Minute


mr black said...

You remind me of a woman photographer
some years ago. Can´t remember her name-Tintomara?Mickelina? Bettan?
Anyway, I like this. HAve you considered my offer Macintosh?
Free sandwiches AND free coffee ( I can throw in some fresh garlics as well)

Little Panda McElroy said...

Dear Sir, As the grand grand son of Oblomov I´m walking a dog once a week for a bag of instant noodle soup. How could I possibly do anything more?

thought so!

Little P

Miss Nancy said...

Oh Little Panda, I think you've got polliwogs in your veins. God help us when they turn to frogs!