10 December 2007

invited guest: Amani Willett (part one)

"Sight is often taken for granted: we frequently assume that people interpret a given situation in similar ways. This could not be further from the truth. In reality, people often perceive identical situations in astonishingly different ways. The beauty of a photograph is that it can compel us to re-examine seemingly mundane scenes and events of everyday life."

It´s a pleasure to explore the work of Amani and I am glad to see it at the F Blog. For more, you have to wait for part two. If you can´t wait... go to his homepage and discover some great photography. Amani Willet was born in Tanzania and lives in Brooklyn. In 2003 his pictures were included in an anthology of young American artists called “Re Generation: Telling Stories From Our Twenties.” Isn´t that what we are looking for - the stories from our Twenties? /ulf

images and statement by © Amani Willett

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