10 December 2007


This picture is from around 1960, Bengt has told me. Two young ladies waiting for their orders at the hot dog stand, known as "korvkiosken" in Swedish. This was a sacred place by the 1950´s and early 1960´s.

People in Sweden were unaware of sushi, meze, kebab, hamburgers and even pizza. Ingemar Johansson from Gothenburg was probably the heavy weight champion of the world. This was pre-Sonny Liston and Cassius Clay. Definitely pre-Mohammed Ali. So the choice was - a sausage in bread or a sausage with mashed potatoes. If you were lucky to live in Skåne (I was one of the lucky one´s btw) you could even get a decent sausage.

I am thinking of three things seeing this picture. Is Günther still around? His korvkiosk located on Karlbergsvägen in Stockholm is the best in the city to my knowledge. Where are my negatives, with the pictures of his place and have I ever taken Bengt to Günthers korvkiosk. Well I have to find out about all of these things very soon. /Ulf

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