10 December 2007

invited guest: Tatiana Cardeal

Independent photographer visual artist dreamer, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
I used to work for the editorial market as art director and graphic designer, but since 2005,
I have been moving my focus to photography, keeping my way close to educational and cultural issues, social development, seeking for inspiring values of humanity.
It's my everyday beginning.

Tatiana was working for major magazines in Brazil such as Elle, Saúde, Placar and four years at the Victor Civita Foundation, a Brazilian educational non-profit organization, she shifted her focus to photography, social and cultural issues and human rights.

Today, she works mostly independent, does her own research and her travels are paid from her own pockets. She occasionally accepts a few assignments, but she still prefers to develop her own issues and follows her own agenda and principles. Tati published her works around the globe from Brazil to Australia, from Germany to Peru. Watching her touching, sociological records of forgotten nations, I have no doubts, why her works find such an attention.

More of Tatiana pictures you may find here.
We will hear about Tati soon at the F blog soon, stay tuned.

Invited by Marcin Górski


ulf fågelhammar said...

"we see things as we are" I read from your site. Yes, you are right about that Tatiana. Your work is so excellent-it makes me proud to be a part of our corner on the net - the F blog- where so many aspects of humanity and nature are exposed.
Many thanks for letting us see your work.

altnőder said...

dazzling colours and moments, congratulate!