20 November 2008

Ghosts / Jens Windolf

Ghosts is a search of the ambiguity of places of authority. These first photographs were taken in the former Ministry of State Security (MfS) remand prison of the GDR in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, Germany. Today the place is a memorial place. In spite of the historical rootedness and the occurrence of an obviously ordinary furnishings there is a kind of unnameable persistence where from the title derived.

While this is a work in progess the intention and background of the project will change.
- Jens Windolf

All photos © Jens Windolf


Anonymous said...

incredible images!
- ma.

Exposed Material said...

Where the small people of GDR worked. I need to visit this place too!

marcin górski said...

before reading the text I thought myself that it must be DDR, it has different fragrance then those kind of relicts ie in Poland. Those places are vanishing - good for people, worse for photography :) great works

Darren said...

Steeped in memories...fine work!!!!

∂B/∂z said...

Amazing, i just loved them all, even when that particular style has been done by many this stand out for... mmm don't know, they're just gorgeous!

joanna said...

excellent! i'm your fan now! thanks for sharing, again! :)