21 February 2007

Instant Beauty

"Tooth bleaching in 1 hour", www.tankblekning.se :-)


Anonymous said...

If only I had white teeth... I could conquer the world! Finally I have the option to get that brilliant smile :D

urbano said...

one hour! that long!
I read somewhere today that you can get a perfect sight in 15 minutes!
Dr B

F said...

thank you for the reminder, Christian -- there are so many opportunities for angst in this world, and this one nearly passed me by!


Darren said...

A good way to keep your teeth is to consume vast quantities of Vitamin C...stops your teeth falling out by preventing Scurvy :)

F said...


Clorin works in fifteen minutes!!!

(Ofcourse you will bleach the tongue too, but that is a small price to pay for that perfect smile)

/Toothfairy Frej

Dr Semmelwhite said...

Yep T F
I was thinking of Clorin as well
the one with strawberry taste, no sugar added
Dr Semmelwhite