21 February 2007

whats that fuzz about gloomy days?

I need the winter to get a perspective,
I bloody hate it, but I need it.
Somehow I feel that it is essential.
One of those things that are incorporated, an integrated part of me.

Like that feeling of getting snow inside the collar in december.
Like that feeling of getting beat up by the schools worst maniac in snowy january.

From here it can only get better.

So whats the fuzz, this is not the end, it is the beginning.


Anonymous said...

I agree, we hate it but we need it. I noticed yesterday that it was still light at 5 pm -- amazing!such a beautiful photograph this is. If we don't look winter gloom straight in the eye, well, what are we here for?

Anonymous said...

yeah yngve what´s da fuzz
you make me think of emerson with this fine picture

Jeanette said...

Fantastic Christofer ....something remember us of the summer but there are something missing ;))


Anonymous said...

The end of the worst....not yet the beginning of the better....!!! Does summer really exist ????


Darren said...

True words and a fine picture!