21 February 2007

Gruppo F inbox: Werner Heyckendorff

Bus 306...little to say...lesser to carry.....none in sight

....do you hear it too?

Werner Heyckendorff was our invited guest 21 January 2007


Dr C said...

I really liked that bus stop, it is soo different! And beautiful airy colors indeed.

Anonymous said...

Bus 306 takes me away. The curved roadline against the shape of waiting both... Yes the picture really hit me with the light and shape

ulf said...

Two great pictures
I enjoy the colours in them

heyckendorff said...

Thanx for your comments.

Crossprocessing really is a kick. It's always a joy to pick up crossprocessed pictures from the lab. I never know the exact outcome of the pictures and that thrills me.

Jeanette said...

The first one is really cool ;)