21 February 2007

White teeth


Jeanette said...

Defently very mysterious and cool. My son wouldn't be able to sleep after seeing this image. But his is just 7, so ... :) Magic


j. s-g. said...

A beast of the night come to haunt us. And it does not smile.

Darren said...

I'm sure he's just 'misunderstood', just as Frankenstein's 'monster' was 'misunderstood' :)))) Wonderful photo!!!

Dr S said...

good stuff Lina
i like that

dr semlevit

Dr C said...

I'm already under the table here... My cats are yelling and running into the closet. :)

F said...

Bloody Hell, that looks like a midget...with a mask.

Chainsaw...where is the chainsaw?

Love it!


Carolina said...

This is suberb. simply perfect. one of my faves here on fblog.