27 September 2006


The sun shines high above
The sounds of laughter
The birds swoop down upon
The crosses of old grey churches
We say that we're in love
While secretly wishing for rain
Sipping coke and playing games
September's here again

Lyrics: David Sylvian

Photo: Abeku

Photographs from FSA

We will now and then publish a few pictures from
the Farm Security Administration. The Library of
Congress have digitalized more than 160 000 photos
of great interest created by many excellent photographers.

When asking the Library about permission to publish
pictures we received this answer.

As a public institution, the Library does not require
that you receive its permission before using an image,
so the only permission you would need is what may
be required from the copyright owner or donor,
independently of the Library. You will just need to
check the item record for the specific photo of interest
to be certain there are no restrictions listed.
That would be a rare situation for this US government
sponsored collection.

I hope this information is helpful.

Best wishes,
Digital Reference Team
The Library of Congress

We will do some research on every photo that is
published here just to make sure that there are no
restrictions involved.

Here is more about copywrite concerning the collections.


"Bingo." Sarasota trailer park, Sarasota, Florida.
photo: Marion Post Wolcott
Created/published 1941 Jan.
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Sörmans - the movie

Living above Sörman's Herrmode, I have turned my camera
towards it many times. I put together a small retrospective
slideshow at YouTube, take a look. (Sörman - the movie)