23 October 2006

Camera Obscura

This is the first known illustration of the camera obscura, published
in a work by the Dutch
scientist Rainer Gemma Frisius; De radio
astronomico et geometrico liber in the year of 1545.

A fine collection of links about camera obscura
Here is a site about pinhole cameras (fascinating stuff), recommended by Mats.

Information #1

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Artwork: Dalina

Let me be the one who brings you back to the light

A year ago I got this box with hundreds and hundreds of old glass plates. Think it´s time to bring some of them back to life.

regarding rain and other delights

One more for the Light Leak Chronicles

photo: Jeanne Wells

This is the real deal -- the back of my camera was not closed tightly and I was wandering around in full sun. I think of this photograph as having something to do with motion & great speed. Maybe John Prine's "Speed of the Sound of Lonliness?"


Photo: Christian Wettergren

Guest: Michael Kenna

Photo: Michael Kenna
His graphic style and feeling for composition, ability to find beauty in all kind of places even the industry areas are some of the reasons why his work fascinates me. You may see more of his work here

Invited by Jeanette Hägglund.