25 May 2012

The Magpie Depicts the Crow

During the last two years I've started experimenting with Wet Plate Collodion photography together with the photographers Anna Edlund and Henning Klasen

For about a year Anna and I have been taking portraits of people living and working in an area of Mölndal known as "the Crow" where we have a studio called Studio Skatan (Skata is swedish for Magpie), hence the name "The Magpie Depicts the Crow". All the photos are made together as a joint effort between Anna and me, one handling the camera and one the darkroom and vice versa.

If you're in Mölndal you can see the photos until sun 24 june at an exhibition in Galleri Forscaféet at Mölndals Museum. If not, you can see some of them here on the FBlog