28 October 2006

The Barber Shop

Negro barber shop. Atlanta, Georgia.
Evans, Walker, 1903-1975, photographer.

Interiors are fascinating. I came across this picture while browsing the
FSA archive of more than 160 000 B/W photographs at the Library of
Congress(see F links) The absence of people, the presence of objects.
It´s a kind of picture that leaves a lot to my imagination. I think of the
people coming here to get a haircut, I think of the barbers, the flow
of human life.

saturday night postcard from stockholm

btw. they say, that my students call me mumin...wonder why?

Berlin - Warum bist Du so heiß?

photo: abeku
I've been there again, for a day only. Grabbed my 6x4.5 folder (Westex from the 50's) and shot one roll of film. The average quality of the lens and the light leakage puts the image in an apropriate time frame, I believe. Berlin has more than its dark side of course, but the mixture fascinates me.

Guest: Helena Nilsson

You can fall in love with a ghost and you can fall in love with
the pictures of Helena Nilsson. This one is called "Locked in -
locked out". Good to see you here again Helena.

invited by Ulf Fågelhammar
see more here

I fell in love with a ghost