20 October 2006

Retro Hardcore

Damn Dalinka! Nothing like a bit of hardcore!
(Mr Caley walks his dog.)

stockholm, stockholm, here I come

Twilight zone

photo: Christian Wettergren

Guest: Payman Hazheer

They say 21 gram is the weight of your soul
What if you´re half the man that you used to be

The time has come and i wish you well

Love like an invisible bullet sucking me down,
im falling, yeah i´m falling - i got seconds to live

I stumbled across Paymans pictures a couple of years ago at the
Swedish fotosidan.se. His sincere, unpretentious and genuine approach
in making pictures has inspired
me greatly ever since I first saw his work. You can see more of Paymans photos here.
Invited by Alf Johansson.