31 December 2008

LensTest Polaroid

Heliar 6/19/04

© jeanne wells

polaroid inbox: Richard Abrahamsson

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!
Polaroid by Richard Abrahamsson.

yes, F loves polaroids

photos by Kamila Kulik

F still loves Polaroids

polaroids by Missy Prince: Happy New Year F Blog! May your eyes be blessed with visual bounty.

Postcard from Fife, Scotland

30 December 2008

invited guest: Piotr Kosiba travelling thru life

Photography – in the trip thru the life.

Everybody is in constant, unique travel thru the life. The trip brings reminiscences which are then recorded in memory, words or images.
In my trip tries to discover mystery of simple places, moments and people. Seeking the theme of pictures I do not travel to the end of the world but finds it in closest neighborhood. My photostories are then showing the surrounding me world reflecting in my inner world.

Bridges, the project presented at the F Blog is meant as a story about the obstacles stopping us during our travel thru life. What we have to do is to find a proper way to fight it up. Bridges are synonyms of different ways – different solutions…What to choose, sometimes we can manage easily, sometimes it is more complex? 

It’s our choice – always.

photos and text by Piotr Kosiba. More of his works you may find here ->

invited by Marcin Górski

Face to face

photo by Filip Martins Górski

Trees by Darek Siatkowski

photos by Darek Siatkowski

Face to face

postcard from Genova

photographer: paolo saccheri

Face to Face

29 December 2008

28 December 2008

25 December 2008

Xmas inbox: Piotr Kosiba

Xmas wishes (and photo) by Piotr Kosiba

22 December 2008

21 December 2008

Postcard from The Kingdom Of Fife, Scotland

Rainy day, September 2008

Happy holidays to all!

postcard from Gliwice

foggy December night in Gliwice

19 December 2008

invited guest: Bartek Góraczyński - Kinderstube

trying to capture the emotions on the negative, keep the memory of what’s passing away. The moment is worth capturing and registering on the negative just when it is genuine and frank, when nothing is hidden – the only place I meet this is world of children – it’s pure and frank.

Bartek claims that he’s just a family chronicler, an amateur who felt in love in BW analogue photography and registering life of his family, world of his children and their friends, tiny people who are frank, pure, spontaneous and natural. World as it is, without pretending something else.

Pictures presented here were shown in the Bartek’s exhibition organized in frame of 3rd Gliwice Month of Photography, October 2008.

invited by Marcin

18 December 2008

16 December 2008

Darek Siatkowski polaroids Wire Factory in Gliwice

Wire Factory, Gliwice, exhibition of Ami Vitale, somewhere in background one of th F Blog authors :)

Polaroid 440 /664 by Darek  Siatkowski

Polaroid inbox: Sarah loves polaroids

photographer: Sarah Belkhokh

Polaroid inbox: Modern Tokio by Skorj

Type-665 (expired). Polaroid 600 SE.From the Modern Tokio series. Arigato!
photographer: Skorj
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