04 May 2007

Gruppof Inbox: The Window of Past Kings (by Kim)

© Kim Dauer

A view from Kungsör, May 07


invited guest: Ann Texter - Serendipity in Polaroid

I am happy to show finally works of many F-ers friend for many years, fantastic, one of most creative photographers I know - Ann Texter. Ann loves to use old or non-conventional techniques and she is always able mark her pictures with her sensibility. Her pictures are telling short stories about surrounding her life, paints Texan reality in so suggestive way, that when I think of Texas I automatically see cowgirl shoes and the skull on the fence. I belive you will also fall in love in Ann's pictures as me.

ser·en·dip·i·ty [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee] –noun 1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.2. good fortune, luck.

An answer or great idea discovered entirely by accident “a happy accident” as it has come to be known…
Serendipity is my favorite word as well as something I believe is present in our everyday lives. I feel it leads us from one point to the next, in an always surprising manner, moving us closer to our own personal destiny, or fate.
My series, “Serendipity in Polaroid” is just that, a never ending path of “happy accidents”. This set of Polaroid Image Transfers has become a photographic documentation of my personal serendipitous path over the past three years. It’s a combination of my artistic eye, my passion for photography and my love of the unexpected. Each image itself is unique with its own delightfully unpredicted outcome.
After seeing a Polaroid Image Transfer for the first time, I instantly knew that it was a process I had to learn and try within my own work. The beautiful irregularities put to watercolor paper seemed to transport an image from just a photograph to a timeless image that could encumber feelings or emotions. The images in my series come from personal memories, feelings or just straight from my heart. I love that the image from my mind, rather than what was seen through the lens of my camera, can be captured to view time and time again.
Not only has this process ignited my love and passion of photography in a new direction, it has taken it to another level completely. It has inspired me to expand my photographic ideas and has unveiled my passion of the historic photographic processes.
Although my series is of a personal nature, I love that it can be viewed by others, and perhaps stir their own memories or feelings. If someone is able to take away their own particular emotions from my work it is a huge sense of accomplishment for me.
Madonna ©Ann Texter
Birdcage ©Ann Texter

Field, sky - diptych©Ann Texter

Church©Ann Texter

Real Cowgirls Die With Their Boots On ©Ann Texter

Western ©Ann Texter

More of Ann's works you may find on her web site http://www.anntexter.com/
Ann will show her works today on the exhibition Tunnel Vision: Parading Down the Isle at Volitant Gallery in Austin, Texas
invited by Marcin Górski

long weekend continues

Invitation: Volitant Gallery - Tunnel Vision:Parading Down the Isle

Who: Ann Texter, Faustinus Deraet, Polly Chandler, Joy Goldkind, Jackie Alpers, Alicia Cargile, Amy Griffin, Richard D. Griffin, Herman Krieger, Melissa Ladd, Chris Moseley, Dana Rossini, Hrvoje Slovenc, Andrew Sterling

What: Group Photography Exhibition: Opening Reception
"Tunnel Vision, Parading down the Aisle"

When: Friday, May 4th 6 - 9 PM

Where: Volitant Gallery, 320 Congress Avenue, Suite 100, Austin, Texas

Why: To see some fine and dandy photography, visit with friends, meet new people or just feel fancy for an evening!

Hope to see y'all there!

F blog strongly recommends