04 February 2008

Invited guest: Krister Kleréus

I mostly find my motifs in the streets of the city. It´s my way of depicting people and events in the urban environment where many of us spend most of their time. You will find more photos here

I asked Krister to write something about his work. As you notice he is a modest man. But his pictures speak loud and clear. Warm, humorous and observant. Many thanks for being here Krister./Ulf

Trycheln in Meiringen

The origins of the “Trychelns” lies in the pre-Christian time, as the inhabitants of the mountain valley (Haslital, Berner Oberland) at the longest nights of the year tried, to keep away the bad spirit from their villages.

Everyone swings its small or big cow bells in the same rhythm. Drummers indicate the tact. So it goes loudly, for hours, day after day, night after night. The faces are often masked and the faces and costumes are very fear-exciting. The Trychlen begins on the 26 December and lasts up to the last work day in the year, the Ubersitz. The night of the Ubersitz is the crowning conclusion of the Trychelns.
/Photo and text Walter Neiger

Three local heroes, The Jack Brothers

Gothenburg, December 2007
Photographer: Jan Buse

music in the streets...

"spacer muzyczny po Pradze" - musical walk in Praga district of Warsaw with Nayekhovichi band from Moscow - visit their profile at myspace and listen to the music.

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Magasin 3, Stockholm: Miroslav Tichy and Julia Margaret Cameron

Miroslav Tichy
Courtesy: Foundation Tichy Oceán
untitled, undated (1960-1995)

Miroslav Tichy
Courtesy: Foundation Tichy Oceán
untitled, undated (1960-1995)

Miroslav Tichy
Courtesy: Foundation Tichy Oceán
untitled, undated (1960-1995)

Julia Margaret Cameron
”The Angel at the Tomb” 1870
Courtesy: Collection Moderna Museet

It´s a beautiful project that Magasin3 has created, exhibiting Julia Margaret Cameron (1815–1879) and Miroslav Tichy (b. 1926). Thanks Jeanne for reminding us what´s going on in our city! The curator Tessa Praun is pleased about this opportunity and says: “It is fantastic to be able to show Tichy´s works that have been tucked away from a public until only a few years ago, and see them together with some of Cameron’s most distinguished and intriguing

Working independent of his contemporaries (what a brave man!) from the 1960’s up to the 90’s, Miroslav Tichy from Czech Republic created an idiosyncratic style, fascinating in its imperfection and reminiscent of photography’s early experimental years.

It´s a must see. The exhibition opened on 26 January at Magasin3 Stockholm Konsthall and will be on until 23 March.

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