22 January 2007

Report: Mushroom growing in Nairobi!

I just must tell you all, mom has succeeded from Flen. They are actually breeding mushrooms in the suburbs of Nairobi, instructed remotely through email from mom (and Berra of course).

Yeah! She was so happy when she called me. It was over five years ago they left Kenya, but have kept some contacts all the time.

The dogs had to be left behind, as well as a part of Mom and Berras' hearts.

The photo equipment in Kenya is not the best, hence the yellowness, the dirtiness. But nevertheless, I can feel the smells through the faint photos I've borrowed.

And now they actually are growing mushrooms in the mud houses outside Nairobi. I can't believe it! Mission succeeded!

invited guest: Matthew T. Joyce

I still remember seeing your first picture Matt...and I have been looking
for it! Where is it? Anyway, finally you are here on The F Blog. I am

very pleased to be able to show our readers "Calle Diez" a celebration

of grain, movement and fiesta!

I love people with a character and you´ve got loads of it Matty boy.
You are most welcome here to the "no rules society" and I am looking
forward to your first guest postings. Matt will appear under a label
called: Beneath the Hard Wiring: Subterranean Thoughts.

invited by ulf fågelhammar

All pictures ©Matthew T. Joyce

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