24 December 2006

invited guest: Łukasz Kuś (carp story)

I was thinking of inviting Łukasz for some time with other - very important documentary work he makes. I believe I will have a chance to present you in the future.
Yesterday Łukasz revealed a negative with pictures corresponding with December 24th.
For over 20 millions of Polish people (or more) there are no Xmas without the CARP. The second 20 millions cannot imagine Xmas without herring. Now you have a chance to see still hot pictures with still alive carps. I am posting this material just after terminating the meal (of 12 dishes) where carp was the king of the table :)
Merry Xmas to everybody. Thank you Łukasz.

invited by Marcin Górski

Gruppo F inbox: Barcelona

©Örjan Fredriksson

During my visits in Spain I never had any desire to go to Barcelona,
maybe because I was happy when I was either in Madrid or in
San Sebastian. So It took me about 15 years to get to Barcelona,
and when i finally went there it was mainly because I felt I needed
to get away from Madrid for a while.


Happy Christmas... well ... Make It Happy!

Well, today is the day. Let's relax and search for some Christmas Spirit. :)
I need to talk about something else also, something else than Christmas. I think it is so interesting that we have entered a new era. We have entered the era of peer production. This blog, the music scene, and so on, they are all evidence of this - although without the economic gains.
So, take a look at this swedish hip hop collective, Frispel. Quite good band, made me happy to listen to.

feliz natal, boas festas


but december showed up anyway