07 February 2008

Trees (60)

Ice tree
Photographer: Rhonda Prince


IC Gliwice-Warsaw 17.10

Train trips became part of my life. Intensive trips give a chance to read, observe people and think some things over.

Few days ago, before leaving to the train station I received a letter with something expected but still surprising – brand new Pozytyw. Cult magazine about photography that died few years ago, now raised up again, by the team of friends from Gliwice. It has changed from photo magazine into “think it over” magazine – photography gives and important support to the words spelled by philosophers, writers, sociologists or maybe the opposite. The 00, free, test number of Pozytyw treats of Identity.
It was the fastest trip from Gliwice to Warsaw I ever made, still filled with reading, observing people and thinking the things over – this time with use of new tool making the brain working. I press my fingers for creators of new Pozytyw, I hope they will continue this difficult way, standing attacks and temptations of commercialized world.

One more word: you will find in this magazine material devoted to Sydney police mug shots – F blog also wrote about this excellent collection in December 07.

Face to face (55)

Photographer: Walter Neiger

Trees (58)

photographer: Agnieszka Bielecka (Inez77)

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Behind the scenes

Have a look at this link to a multimedia presentation made by Pontus Höök. Pontus was our invited guest in November 2006./Ulf