09 January 2007

Ladies with skull-balloons

Joannas ballons made me think of this photo from the opening of the new exhibition of pre-history at Historiska museet in Stockholm

Conversation with lady in leopard

not about angels

Just like a runaway with no esace zone.You'd think i'd find a way you'd think i'd fake one.But all my life's been filled with wanton tragedy.So just for heaven's sake i'll try to face this.It's just a chance you take to get a last kiss.So sexy, sexy babe you know i need some.To pass the time away to get relief from.All this life that's filled with wanton tragedy.Where's my angels i'm a naked soul...
"angels" - the tea party
i believe there are no angels to photograph. around us are just a tiny, happy and absurd things to save :)


Betty wasn't an angel.

A love story, maybe.

News Flash!

courtesy of the Weekly World News, sometime in 2003
she looked like a giant bird . . .

invited guest: Andrzej Jakubowski

Several years ago, when I started my adventure with photography on of Polish portals I met a group of people who's work went straight to my heart. Andrzej "Frog" Jakubowski was one of them. My personal approach and reception of photograpy have changed, Andrzej's photography has changed, but what he made and what his making now still makes me think, that is what is really about (for me) in photography.

You can understand better what I mean thanks to Andrzej's words about his philosophy of photographing:
The biggest prize is when someone comes back some time later to see your photograph, when someone looks at it over and over again, when your snaps makes someone stop for a moment. I want to show everyday life, I want to show things I can see around me. People and the world around them. A little bit of form and a little bit of emotions. A simple story.

It's worth to mention that Andrzej is one of the pillars of "już późno" group with Joanna Kinowska, Artur Allan Willmann and Michał Macioszczyk.
More you may find on Andrzej's web site codzienne (everyday)
Invited by Marcin Górski

one more

© Jeanne Wells

some of these angels are quite tricky.