20 January 2007

invited guest: Andrei Wilenius

Andrei is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We used to play
around in the rocky hills of Alby in the early 1960s.

Some years later I had started to make pictures using a camera,
but Andrei´s passion was painting. And he wanted us both to try
it. Well, we went to a shop and bought some material. I tried it
once and decided that this was not for me. But Andrei had a great
talent and the energy to go on.

Inya Laskowski and Andrei Wilenius, Stockholm 2004

photo: Ulf Fågelhammar

We don´t meet that often nowadays. Andrei moved to USA in the
1980s and lives in California. But every second year or so he comes
to Sweden and we have a chance to meet. A memorable moment
was when we went to see Christer Strömholm´s exhibition
"On verra Bien" in Stockholm. Last time we met was in September
2006 and I told him about the F Blog.

I am glad to be able to present some of his work here.
These specific graphite drawings have been sent to me
by exploding head gallery in Sacramento, California.
invited by ulf fågelhammar

Devadasi, 2006, Graphite on Duralene, 43" x 48"

Didache, 2006, Graphite on Duralene, 32" x 24"

Dakini, 2005, Graphite on Duralene, 24" x 36"

invited guest: Morgan Malaska

I have always strived to live.
To feel.

Most of the time I felt myself forced.
Forced to live and feel inside my own person.

Suddenly, photography offered itself up to me as a way to extrovert myself.
To find avenues I had never thought of walking down.

My own photography has become my path to finding ways to feel.
And to live.

-Morgan Malaska

invited by Lina Nääs