15 December 2006

Gruppo F inbox : a new skin?

@Ulla Larsson
The sign says in English: Skin for you

invited guest: Espen Aasheim

Espen Aasheim is one of those who through Gruppo F inbox already have contributed to The F Blog with really interesting pictures. Now I am honoured to invite him as a guest. Please also look at his good homepage and interesting blog. Now I leave the word to Espen himself:

"When I first started photographing I was fascinated with seeing,
and that it was possible to see so much more, also that we see
very differently, I find that, and what it implies, incredibly interesting.
My photography... I'm mostly just walking and looking.
I think my seeing and photos is about the subject and scene
to some extent, but it's is very much about an abstract of it,
about a moment and a search.

Ultimately making photos is a way of expressing myself
and an outlet for creativity."

Populated City.
© Espen Aasheim.

City Car Wall.
© Espen Aasheim.

City Tree - Painted Wall.
© Espen Aasheim.

Tag 05.
© Espen Aasheim.

Said White.
© Espen Aasheim.

© Espen Aasheim.

Invited by Fredrik Skott

Soviet Photo Daily

I just discovered a site called "Soviet Photo Daily" (on line translation can be find here). An interresting stream of photos showing various aspects of the life in Soviet Union and of course we're talking about propaganda here. Photography wise, there are some really nice pictures to discover.


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Gruppo F inbox: Markus Jenemark

"Sometimes it just doesn't work out..."
© Markus Jenemark

Two minutes of my life

photo: abeku

who are they to decide?

When I was a child this was the end of my world.
later on it became the connection to the world.
Now as grownup
it has rather become the beginning of my world.

Some say this is just a bridge.
Some would even say it wasn't there
when I was a child.

That there was a ferry.

But who are they to decide,
when I stopped being a child?

photos:christofer grandin