18 February 2008

Face to face (72)

Photo: Walter Neiger

Face to face (70)

Photo: Darren Hepburn

the magic box

Margareta Cortes sent us these pictures taken last summer (yes!)with a box camera, that she got from her father when she was a little girl. For you camera freaks out there; it is a Box-Tengor 54/2 Zeiss Ikon. We love such stories at the F Blog and we have even tried to encourage you to send us your very first picture. Have a look at this.

wherever I lay my coat

Photo: Walter Neiger

Unveiling the veils by Angèle Etoundi Essamba

“In this new book, Unveiling the veils, I discover that I am fascinated with Color, which I apprehend for the first time, and the discovery of which I experienced as an exciting adventure,” says Angèle.

If you read the F Blog from A to Z (we hope you do!), you will remember that Angèle is one of our invited guests and that we also met her in real life when she exhibited her work in Stockholm.

The new photo book by Angèle Etoundi Essamba is released by Cheminements.

Face to face (69)

The Wall

Photographer: Ulla Larsson

in the kitchen

Photographer: Joakim Ahnfeldt