06 November 2008

postcard from Fundao

Fundao, Pt, 2008


591 Photography countdown

591 Photography - where the image is everything

Lots of photographs, discussions about photography, magic moments....you will find all of that on 591 Photography opening soon.

591 Exhibitions - known and unknown photographers are invited to exhibit pictures on 591 Gallery - they are on show for seven weeks and then replaced by other exhibitions, as in real life - or it is for real? (but on the Internet)

591 Reportage takes the pulse of the state of the world,

A 591 Collection of specially selected photographs will be set up.

Various topics are discussed and interpreted in pictures that photographers send to 591. The dialogue with the readers of this blog is essential - photographers, critics and others interested are invited to participate.

Ulf Fågelhammar, one of the initiators of The F Blog, which recently celebrated two years, moves on and starts 591 Photography Blog. To get the right magic numbers, it will happen at 9.15 PM cet, on November 9th.

You are invited!