27 August 2007

my only dog picture

Tom Hunter gives his view on photography

Tom Hunter: Up before the Beak Angry Swan guards Bridge after Crash,
2003. ©Tom Hunter and Courtesy Jay Jopling/White Cube (London)

"My relation to the history of photography as an art form". That is what
Tom Hunter will talk about at Kulturhuset, Stockholm on Tuesday
4 September 18 00 hrs (Studio 3). It has been said about Hunter that his
inspiration as a photographer comes from among others Henry Peach
Robinson. Whether true or not, this could be interesting. Will we hear
about the outlooks for pictorialism in the 21th century? Well, the only
way to find out is to be there listening to his lecture.


picture by Ulla Larsson

pies w Ustce (perro en Ustka)