26 June 2008

Far out

Photo: William Schmidt

Hold On

Photographer: Thomas Håkansson

young photographers: Viktor Gårdsäter

Name: Viktor Gårdsäter
Born: 1984
Residence: Stockholm, Sweden
Statement: I like to go for walks, looking and thinking, questioning and reflecting. I enjoy listening to music while walking and a camera is always hanging down from my shoulder. I watch people waiting - I see stressed men and little old ladies smiling. They are my subjects - people. I may knock on a door looking for a meeting with a stranger. I find amusing faults and comic contrasts in the cityscape. Beautiful lines and ugly things. I like subjects with something missing or with imperfections in different ways.
Homepage: www.gardsater.se

We are introducing a new label on The F Blog called "young photographers". The idea is to present a few of them in a more continuous way.

There is of course a story involved in this too - isn´t there always? In 1949 a group of photographers in Sweden held an exhibition called "Unga fotografer" (Young Photographers). The photographers participating were among others Hans Hammarskiöld, Rune Hassner and Tore Johnson. The exhibition was a landmark in the history of Swedish photography and a small revolution. Kurt Bergengren has written about it and also Pär Rittsel. Rittsel by the way has an excellent site about Swedish photography (also in English). prittsel.googlepages.com

We hope to present a selection of
hotographers born in the 1980's from all around the world in the coming months. Stay tuned. We are there for Photography. U.F.