31 March 2007

A D Ad (02)

Nine faces of Hilma Luntinen

The Finnish picture magazine "Suomen Kuvalehti" announced an expressions
competition in 1921. The search was for the person who ‘could pull the ugliest
or strangest face’.
Read about this fascinating stuff here
I was actually looking for the pictoralist Oscar Gustav Rejlander and his pictures
from Darwin´s book "The Expressions of the Emotions in Man and Animals".
Will return to them some other spring.

Item #91 from HDK Gallery

With the kind permission of Happy Dale Krankenhaus Gallery I am
able to show one of the gallery´s most important holdings; item#91.
The information about the
picture says:

Author: Gregory B.
40x50 cm
Silver gelatine print
processed in Rohypnol and Thunder Honey
fixed by Franz.

This is the best picture I have seen in many days.
As far as I can recall only "Trams in Amsterdam" is better.
/Boris K.

Chronische Obstipation nearly ruined my life

Then I found the wisdom of Doctor F. Thank you Dr F!!!

Dr F explains: Chronische Obstipation

Chronische Obstipation
Von chronischer Obstipation spricht man, wenn

- über mehr als drei Monate der Stuhlgang regelmäßig vier Tage ausbleibt
- starkes Pressen erforderlich ist
- ein Gefühl der unvollständigen Darmentleerung bestehen bleibt

30 March 2007

A D Ad (01)

invited guest: Marcin Kuran - Lux Aeterna

Marcin Kuran (1975) - photographer. Graduated on Management at Warsaw University (1999) and Warsaw School of Photography (Internal Landscapes 2005).
Marcin in his works tries to capture the essence of creation phenomena, discovering or rather shaping his own vision of surrounding reality.
Intimate picture of the world, hidden in the landscape, is created by multiexpositions, sandwiches and self developed techniques.
Marcin debuted also with mulitmedial presentations during art festivals: FotoFestiwal: Lux Aeterna (Łódź 2004), PROGRESSteron: Revealed Stories I, II (Katowice 2005). Selected works were placed in German Olbricht Collection (2005). Marcin lives and works in Warsaw

I am happy to present Marcin's photographic poems from the series Lux Aeterna at the F blog.

more of Marcin Kuran's works you may find here
invited by Marcin Górski
Vernissage of Marcin Kuran exhibition Lux Aeterna in frame of III Warsaw Art Photography Festival will take place 31.03.2007 at 19.00h, in Migawka Gallery, Nowogrodzka 22, Warsaw.

Confessions of a lazy bum

This photo was taken 21 years ago. I was a teenager by then and I remember this summer to be very hot. I was sitting on our terrace, in the shadow, and staring at the chair that was exposed by the sun. There was not much else to do than sipping on some lemonade and playing around with the camera, taking a picture or two of things around me. I probably had some music in the background, perhaps China Crisis or Yes, and a comic magazine on the table. Not a very productive day, as people would say these days, but I still like those lazy days and I'll grab the opportunity whenever it comes this summer.
FP4 soaked in Rodinal, not a bad combo.
photo: abeku

The exhibition: Joanna Kinowska: La Santa Sicilia

With a great pleasure I’d like to invite you to the exhibition of my works La Santa Sicilia.
The exhibition would take place in Warsaw, in Galeria Kuluary and will last until 19 of April.
The gathered works are telling a story about the daily life in Sicily, about people and their habits. All photographs are made in crossprocessing.

On 16th of April in Plan B. would take place the special “Sicilian evening” with the slideshows of photos taken in Sicily by among he others:
Bart Pogoda, Mikołaj Grynberg, Angelo Parisi, Giancarlo Vizzi, Andrea Vulpio

...and the ass saw the angel

Tom Holmlund - "rise and shine"

let´s walk

26 March 2007

Invited guest: Roger Ballen

Introduction by Robert A. Sobieszek
Published by Phaidon

World-renowned and award-winning photographer Roger Ballen, who is known for the social comment of his previous publications Dorps, Small Towns of South Africa; Platteland, Images from Rural South Africa and Outland, now explores in his new Phaidon publication Shadow Chamber the underbelly or the ‘shadow chamber’ of existence. He takes major leaps forward into a metaphoric dimension with multiple conscious and subconscious meaning. He does this in an, as yet unseen, and entirely unique way. With Shadow Chamber he creates a way of seeing that makes an important and historic contribution to art photography.

His photographs are striking, ambiguous images of people, animals and objects posed in mysterious, cell-like rooms that occupy the grey area between fact and fiction, blurring the boundaries between documentary photography and art forms such as painting, theatre and sculpture.

The results are completely abstract and not defined by the origins or specific location of the characters he photographs. Ballen focuses on the interactions between the people, animals and objects that inhabit mysterious rooms – the shadow chamber. The rooms are unsettling and strange: their walls are covered with scribbled drawings, stains and dangling wires, the floors are strewn with bizarre props and artefacts. Dogs, rabbits and kittens wander into the frame or are stuffed into unlikely containers. Figures hide away in boxes, crouch behind overstuffed sofas and squat with their shirts pulled over their heads.

The humans and animals in Ballen’s photographs appear isolated, estranged and lost, yet strangely empowered at the same time. The resulting images are surreal and intriguing, and powerful disturbing psychological studies.
As Robert A Sobieszek writes in his introduction to Shadow Chamber: ‘To discern fact from fiction in this work may be simply impossible; to tell acting from real life may also be; to bother with such discernment may not be only futile but missing the point.’
Ballen regularly shows his work in galleries and museums around the world, and his photo­graphs are included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

He has won numerous awards, including the prize for Best Photographic Book of the Year at the PhotoEspana festival in Madrid and was named Photographer of the Year at the inaugural Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles in France in that same year. A traveling exhibition comprising many images from Shadow Chamber and Outland was shown at Frans Hals Museum, Biblioteque Nationale Paris, Fotomuseum Antwerp and will be shown at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg in 2007. "
Invited by Lina Nääs

Midnight walk (in Paris as well)

24 March 2007

Small Steps Home

3200 Asa -2 rue de la République Marseille okt 2006

Spring in Paris


Eiffel tower


© Jeanne Wells
a day late, I know.

22 March 2007

French Café Inhabitants

signs of the spring (hope is for fridays)

Enuff of that gloomy misery...I have seen the signs of the spring.
The days are longer, the sun finds it way into my soul.
And I have already slipped in smelly dog poo...

Me and my holga (hope is for fridays)

Gliwice House of Photography: Children Faces

Gliwice House of Photography is honoured to invite to the exhibtion Children Faces
Agnieszka Gomolla and Marcin Górski.
Vernissage at SUT Gallery in Gliwice, Banacha 3, 19.00h

this exhibition is the third action of Gliwice House of Photography, this time presenting works of GHP creators. Exhibition is patronaged by Biuletyn Fotograficzny, Fotopolis and Atlantika.

Once more I want to underline, that there would not be GHP without F Blog. Thanks once more to all of the doctors.

21 March 2007

Long time since the sun went down

As Jeanne said, hope is for fridays ;)

20 March 2007

invited guest: Jeanette Braghman

Memento Mori, one of those magic nights, 1985 © Jeanette Braghman
Memento Mori on MySpace for your pleasure...
Invited by Tom Holmlund

crucifixion #46

© Jeanne Wells

yes, enough of that cheery spring crap. Lets get back to work: gloom, doom, isolation, anxiety, depression, with a touch of hope. Hope is allowed only on Fridays, though.

19 March 2007


spring is almost here...


I still dreaming about spring...the sun was here and then it started to rain. I longing to wear my red dress

Jump the Fence

Noviembre dos, exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany

If you are in the city of Karlsruhe, don´t miss this exhibition of portraits
by Cristina Kahlo.
She has photographed children coming to her studio
in Mexico City on November 2 in 2004 and 2005. It is the day of
"los muertos", (the dead) and the children go from house to house

asking for candy and dressed out as "Death".

Cristina Kahlo was our invited guest in december 2006.

The exhibition is on until March 25 at Galerie Bode, Ettlinger Straße 2a
in Karlsruhe.
It´s presented within the framework of Frauenperspektiven
. Neue Welt – Neue Welten .

Have a look here for more.

18 March 2007

Gliwice House of Photography: Mikołaj Grynberg exhibition "Passed away"

Gliwice House of Photography is honoured to invite to the exhibition of Mikołaj Grynberg's works "Passed away". Exhibition will take place in the Gallery of Association of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP) on Gliwice Square, on March 20th, at 19.00.
Art director: Joanna Kinowska

Dear all - we have just started. We want to see and show your works in Gliwice! All of the galleries in the city are open for you in future during this year and future Gliwice Months of Photography. Let us help you to share your works in real life!