26 September 2007

from the edge of the deep green sea

And so we watch the sun come up
From the edge of the deep green sea
And she listens like her head's on fire
Like she wants to believe in me
So i try
Put your hands in the sky
We'll be here forever
And we'll never say goodbye...

- R. Smith

Digital Curves

What´s all this!

On Photography
- an interview with Cartier-Bresson by Charlie Rose

CR: Was your photography influenced by your early interest in art?
C-B: My photography is just an instant drawing.

CR: And you returned to drawing?
C-B: I never quit drawing, the camera is a way of drawing.

CR: Is that how you see the camera simply like a tool, like a brush?
C-B: Exactly.

CR: When you take the photograph, is their a moment for you when you
know to snap?
C-B: When the subject takes me. I´m receptive and I shoot, It´s just to
concentrate, in the silence, and you mustn´t want, you must be
receptive, don´t think even, the brains is a bit dangerous. Sensitivity,
the flavour… (sniffs in the air).

CR: Something must have made you want to be a photographer
C-B: I don´t consider my self (being) a photographer! I´m using the
camera, but there is millions of photographers. It´s what you see…

CR: So you see yourself simply as an artist?
C-B: Hmph! I´m just a human being! Anybody sensitive is an artist! Whats
all this!

See the full interview at You Tube:

provided by Jan Buse


H is for Help, I can't do this

You and Me - Everyone else is a retard

"Art is the expression of imagination, not the reproduction of reality."

- Henry Moore