14 November 2010


Daniel Sahlberg Photography 2010 ©.

The city of Toronto. I feel favoured to walk these streets. The people, the architecture, the smell, the taste; the life.

I was in Toronto first time in 2007. First days, I remember wanting to go home so bad. It was late October and was raining sideways. But then after a few days, I never wanted to leave.

I was traveling together with a very dedicated Creative Director, on commission for the Swedish Absolut Vodka Company. It was full schedule. The only day off, I went to the Andy Warhol Art Show; Stars, Deaths, and Disasters. Curator; David Cronenberg (film director). I remember standing there, at the Art Gallery of Ontario (this is Frank Gehry building today) listening to Dennis Hopper’s thoughts about Andy Warhol’s relation to Jackie Kennedy – That, he actually wanted to be her.

I got inspired by all this creativity and wanted to depict the city. But I did not have the time, I had to catch a flight the next day. Nevertheless, two years later I had the opportunity to go back to see a friend. /…/

Finally, this is TORONTO.

Daniel Sahlberg

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Invited by Anders Blomqvist