30 July 2007

Ingmar Bergman has passed away

Ingmar Bergman, one of the greatest film directors ever has passed away today. The films he made, many of them together with the photographer Sven Nykvist, have had a very deep impact and influence on me. Just to mention a few masterpieces: "The Seventh Seal", "Wild Strawberries", "Autumn Sonata" and "Fanny & Alexander".
More information can be found at the site http://www.ingmarbergman.com/ and http://www.ingmarbergman.se/. To see the master at work have a look at Beata Bergströms pictures.
- A sad day indeed.


27 July 2007

the bridge

invited guest: Alfredo Muñoz de Oliveira

For a certain time I had an impression, that contemporary Portuguese photographers are doing everything to take the odium and stylistic of Lisbon Story out. Looking at portuguese photography I've seen mainly creative or poetic works, looked as nobody is really interested in documenting how is the Portugal today.
But, that was just on the surface, what I found looking deeper was much reliefing - there are documentalists in Portugal, and I will try to show their works to you.
The presentation starts with chosen works of Alfredo Muñoz de Oliveira.
To photograph the world around me, stories of the day by day or just only places that wakes me up emotions and sensibilities as a reflection of myself and where I build my everyday selfportrait. Maybe one day I will be a photographer... Born in 1959, designer as a profession, I had my first contact with photography through my father, amateur photographer, that gave me a Nikon F and one Exakta behond his studio equipment. During my life, photography always walked side by side having as first references the portuguese photographers Alexandre Delgado O'Neill, Paulo Nozolino and Gerard Castello Lopes. It was after I saw an exhibit of Sebastião Salgado in NYC that my passion for photography comes back with another strength. It is essencially in the documentary photography that I like to be involved, telling stories of ordinary and forgotten people.
www.magnumphotos.com for masters references.
Member of the:

from Old people from old villages series
from Shipyard a heavy Metal story

People from Salt Farms


invited by Marcin Górski

Listen to this...




26 July 2007

Data visible...!

Data visible...!


About world economy and statistics becoming... interesting!

rebel yell

The end of the photo session - time to play!
photo: abeku

23 July 2007

19 July 2007

Helena Blomqvist preview

Helena Blomqvist was our invited guest in November last year. Don´t miss the opportunity to see her exhibition "The Dark Planet" in Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Opening 14 September.

18 July 2007

17 July 2007


more from my day in Stockholm with Ulf & Tom -- looking down from the front of the palace at Djurgarten, this woman was cleaning the leaves from the pool, talking the whole time. It was hard to say if she was talking to the statue, was just nuts, or maybe she had some kind of telephone clamped to her ear that we could not see.

15 July 2007

12 July 2007

now and then... (2)

Cuba - people

All pictures by © Bela Doka

Many thanks for being with us Bela and please stay tuned to the F Blog

through drapery

picture by David Appelgren

from our friend in Denmark

Pictures by Werner Heyckendorf