04 September 2007

Metrograd is getting closer

Photo: Ulla Larsson

As you're reading this you can be sure that Markus Andersson, photographer and member of the F blog, is working hard on preparing his exhibition that opens this saturday. The F blog has looked into what's going on with his preparations and feelings towards the exhibition.

When thinking about your pictures, do you see them as something you do to collect impressions from the outer world or the other way around - that your pictures come from inside you and out to other people?

It's mostly the first case. I sometimes see the camera as a little black box where I collect things that affect me somehow. Usually it's not that important to show the picture to others but to save them for myself. I don't think of my works as documentary in the sense of capturing some kind of truth, it's all about personal reflections.

Knowing that you have massive experience in the darkroom, what is your opinion and experience of digital photos and the digital darkroom?

Well, I wouldn't say massive but I've spent more time in the darkroom than in Photoshop. From what I've seen from skilled digital photographers their technique far exceeds what I'm capable of in the darkroom. I use digital cameras at work and in school but still use film for my personal work. It's partly because I prefer the feeling of working with old cameras with big bright viewfinders where I can clearly see the picture before I shoot, partly because I like the curiosity of waiting for the results.

What is you favourite musical band and how do they affect your photographical work?

My favourite band is the Mountain Goats. I love the lyrics and the intensity in his voice and guitar. The lyrics always create pictures inside my head, like watching a whole movie in three minutes and he's singing it like it's his diary even though it's not autobiographical. I'm not sure if they have had, and in that case how, any affect on my photography. I've tried listening to music while I'm out taking pictures but it's doesn't work for me. It distracts my vision. In the darkroom I need music though.

Is your work telling more of an ongoing story or do you concentrate on different projects and themes?

Usually my photography is an ongoing story. When I start a project it's often because I realise when I look at older pictures that I have been shooting thematically without thinking about it. Once I realise this I start to think of how and why I've been doing it and sometimes it evolves into a conscious project. I work with a couple of parallel projects that can be put aside for a while from time to time. Metrograd for instance is only shot during the fall and winter.

What in your life affects you most both as a person and a photographer?

Actually I think it’s words. I love listening to the lyrics of songs and reading poetry and literature.

If you could go anywhere with your camera, were would you go?

Anywhere? Then I'd probably go someplace in history, for instance photographing the making of the rock carvings at Tanum. More realistically I'd say travelling with a car for a long period of time through Europe. But actually it's not that important where I go with my camera. I've taken some of my favourite photos around the block or on my way to work.

Are you excited about the exhibition and will there be snacks? ;)

I'm very excited (and nervous) and there will of course be snacks, both solid and liquid ;-)

Here is a small sample of what we will meet this Saturday, 8 september, 18 00 - 22 00 at Övre Slottsgatan 14, Uppsala, Sweden

Photos: Markus Andersson

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