22 November 2007

Street corner in Hässelby

photo: abeku

New member of Gruppo F!

hello f, I love you!
© m. agejev (2007).

Things are moving on the F blog!
Gruppo F is very glad to welcome another devoted photographer.
His name is M. Agejev and he lives in Moscow, Russia.

Stay tuned for some more of his work!

Turin, Italy

Photographer: Virginia Ascione

..ove me forever, or I´ll bite your thr...- words of Strindberg

Criss Cross

Photographer: Jan Buse

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photographer: Mikael Jansson

Invited guest: Kai Godehusen

Kai Godehusen: After several years of shooting with digital cameras only, I picked up a cheap Holga camera six month ago. After only a few rolls of film, I fell in love with the imperfections of this plastic toy and its cheesy build-in flash.The four diptychs "Ghost in the shell" are combinations of photographs I took at the museum of natural history and during my everyday-life as a physicist. I'm interested in the tension that is created between these two completely different subjects: old stuffed animals and shiny science apparatuses. For me it is hard to judge which one is more "alive"...
more from Kai: at flickr

invited by Joanna Kinowska

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

On the corner of Market and Manning...in an area that is becoming less industrial and more artsy.
Photographer: Rhonda Prince