28 June 2009

22 June 2009

The looking glass photos

Amusement park

Bedroom with searchlights

Full moon and fire alarm

Girl blocking door

Girl with cat t-shirt


Mother in church room

Photo album dreaming

Photographing each other

Planet hollywood

Plastic boy and real girl

In my work I often take interest in the relations between memory, photography and autobiography and how those subjects interfere with each other and their balance between fiction and reality. Photography is to me a way of telling and constructing more or less autobiographical stories. I present these stories as photograpchic series that deals with the borders between the documentary and the staged, the real and the unreal and the past and the present. This series is titled The looking glass photos. In this work I have been inspired by the photographs in an old family photo album and followed the assocations they gave me.
Photo and text: Helga Härenstam

-invited by Jan Buse

18 June 2009

At Galeria Art-Studio

This is the Gallery owner, Leszek Slabicki and his wife. They were so incredibly kind and gracious to me when I was in Gliwice. In the middle there, augmenting the fantastic view out the gallery window is our very own Marcin. Kind and gracious doesn't even begin to describe how well he and his family treated me!

More to come -- I'm limiting myself to developing 2 rolls a day.

14 June 2009

Pathways home

Photo: John James

"I have been a working staff newspaper photographer all my life since 1965. I am now freelance and have decided to try and get out of the digital mode by using 4x5 film. "Pathways home" represents a small selection of the footpaths I regularly walk along that all lead to my home. A very solitary project."

John James


12 June 2009


Well...anything can happen in Töreboda...

Photo: Luc Rabaey

08 June 2009

my day with Jeanne

"It's the queens fork! She dropped it from her castle"

Jeanne had a lot of luggage

"Oh, I have to shoot those too"

03 June 2009

Christofer! We hope you make it to Eskilstuna this weekend!

We are sorry we can't join you, just too much work in the garden these days...