08 December 2006

Nickolas Muray

[Nickolas Muray], ca. 1920 / unidentified photographer.
1 photographic print : b&w ; 17 x 10 cm.
Nickolas Muray papers, 1911-1978.
Archives of American Art.

I received a nice email from Mimi Muray concerning the article "The man from Szeged" posted here on the blog. I like to share some of Mimi´s words with you:
"I like the blog about my father a lot. I think it is educational and enthusiastic, and a nice way for people to become informed about my father's work.

Soon I hope there will be a biographical book about Nickolas Muray, the Man from Szeged, and it will have lots of information and photographs in it. For the time being, there is a book called "I will never forget you - Frida Kahlo to Nickolas Muray" by Salomon Grimberg.

It was published by Schirmer/Mosel in Germany, in English, German, and Spanish; and now it is available from Chronicle Books in San Francisco in English paperback. It gives some excellent biographical information, as well as marvelous photos of Kahlo."

-Mimi Muray-Levitt

for Luke Skywalker

Today should have been the BIG day.
The day when the swedes colonized space.
Reaching further, higher and faster then any other swede ever had.
Flying high above in a tincan like major Tom.
Our own Luke Skywalker.
but what happend?

Fuglesang brought the swedish regnglopp weather to sunny florida.
and one cannot fly a rocket in that kind of weather.
Not in regnglopp.
One could hardly drive a bicycle.
With or without kevlar undies.

photos and nonsense by: christofer grandin