05 September 2008

Silver Creek Dreams

... using an old Kodak lens
photo: abeku

Face to Face (190)

photographer: Kamila Kulik

invited photographer: Rikkard Häggbom

Before you go. Stay. A few weeks ago I recieved Rikkard Häggbom's highly interesting and beautiful photobook. The photographs were taken in Estonia. For Rikkard, the idea from the beginning, was to depict the country and its change. But after many years of work and countless trips between Sweden and Estonia another result occurred. What started as an idea to document Estonia ended up as a depiction of a cracked relationship, the photographer and his inner life.

The photographs have made a strong impression on me. The book itself consists only of photographs, no text, and the fact that Rikkard let the pictures speak for themselves feels liberating. This is a book to return to, again and again, pictures to think about; perhaps to create your own stories to. That is photography as it best.

Now I am happy to present Rikkard Häggbom as an invited photographer on the F blog. He has chosen to put together a series of photos, dedicated to his grandfather, from his book.

- f skott

I think he really misses grandma since she moved out. He visits her every day after lunch, but I can see that he is lonely.

All photos © Rikkard Häggbom.

I strongly recommend Rikkard Häggbom's book Before you go. Stay (Rafaella förlag, 2008, ISBN 978-91-977475-0-9). It's possible to order the book here, here or through Rikkard himself: rikkard@rikkard.com. And check out his homepage and blog. - f skott.

More Meetings

Photos: Jan Bernhardtz