18 April 2008

the wall

photo: Jan Bernhardtz

The warm and friendly Tokusegawa-san a big hearted Makushita takes time to pose with one of his Kiriyama-beya juniors

photo by Skorj

Raspberry Fields

As a kid,
I remember playing at my grandparents place.
The taste of life was sweet back then.
Sweet and red.
Like raspberries.

Well, it is all gone by now.
A small job for a caterpillar,
a giant leap for mankind.
A new highway.

Evolution has punched me.

This summer
I will plant raspberries in the garden.
For my kids. And for me.

That is my way to punch back.

Yola Monakhov exhibition in New York

F blog author Yola Monakhov invites you to the opening of her show at the Sasha Wolf Gallery on Thursday, May 1st, from 6-8pm. The address is 10 Leonard Street, in Tribeca. (Please check Sashawolf.com for more information.)

F Spotting: Nurse Rabbit and the White Man

This wonderful Ummavison is the start of our new and very unpredictable proyecto called "F-spotting". Your contributions are welcome - but don´t count on us to publish them, unless they meet the criterias of the F Doctors. Email your pictures to

It's (F)riday again

photo: Jeanne Wells

and time for the Daily Print.
As always, my gratitude to all my F Blog friends and readers, you're the best!

invited guest: Edward Yanowitz

On my visual odyssey, I photograph to remember the moments I’ve seen that had some special significance to me. Sometimes the serendipity of life presents you with a private scene, something special for your eyes to see. The photograph verifies to me that … yes, I was there… yes, I did see that and it was not something I imagined. I get great enjoyment from looking at the intimate details of life, a wandering eye that is never satiated, always looking for something….. in the hope that I will be aware enough to recognize the significance of a moment, before it is lost in time.

Interpreting the parallel view of my eye and the camera, has helped me expand my visual observation and awareness, letting me convert the things I’ve seen into symbols of sight. I photograph the simultaneous realities that coexist within my line of sight, the intersection of light and time, people and the space around them. From my perspective, life itself is the canvas and I am just a framer of its singular moments. - Edward Yanowitz

Edward Yanowitz was born May 25,1946 in Miami, Fl., raised in Nassau, Bahamas and Miami Beach, Fl. He has been a photographer since 1967, working in the Fine Art, Social Documentary and Commercial fields.

In 1972, he received a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Photography, from The San Francisco Art Institute. He has taught photography at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Fl., Barry University, Miami Shores, Fl., Miami-Dade College, Kendall Campus, and The New World School of the Arts located in Miami Fl. He is presently coordinates the photography program at American InterContinental University, School of Design, South Florida.

Four of his photographs were selected by John Szarkowski for the collection of The Museum of Modern Art, in New York City in 1974. His photographs have been in numerous exhibitions and are held in corporate and private collections both nationally and internationally.

See more of Edward Yanowitz work at www.photobistro.com and www.luminous-lint.com.

All photos and text © Edward Yanowitz

invited by ulf fågelhammar