22 November 2006

gruppo F inbox: jazz

Photo: Ulla Larsson
a great musician from Poland playing in a group with Swedish musicians
- Winterjazz, January 2005, Uppsala

Cape in Paris

Paul Strand

Photo: Paul Strand, Wall Street 1915

Photo: Paul Strand City Hall Park New York 1915

Both photos scan courtesy of Masters of Photography

"Strand was one of the first photographers to take up the visual problems and approaches which he saw in modern art. By 1915 this was showing clearly in his work, with an interest in geometrical forms, patterns, rhythm, space and the division of the frame; the pictures were like a knife cutting through the butter of Pictorialism. Stieglitz greeted this with enthusiasm, showing it in the gallery and making it the feature of the final issues of Camera Work."

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F cat (Canadian)

Photo: GC

Invited guest: Sanna Sjöswärd

I´m proud to present Sanna Sjöswärd who recently have given out a book called Roots and that also have a exhibition with the same name at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. The exhibit made a great impact on me and I strongly recomend you to go and see it and you can also take a look at her homepage http://www.sannafoto.se/ were you also can order her book.

Here are her own words:

The photograph of the steps of the Childrens Home is etched in my memory. But the only details I can remember are the red jacket, the white pantyhose and the black polished heeled shoes that I had been given by my adoptive parents. The girl is four years old. She is waiting to be fetched by someone, saved by someone. I am only a child. Though adult in a way. I had learned how to fold clothes and not to spill when eating.
I was born in Teheran 1973 and christened Farzaneh. In Persian that means wise. It was not possible for my biological mother, Sedighere, to take care of me on her own. When I was a few months old I was handed over to the Farah Diba-foundation home for children. My biological parents were in the process of separating and they already had two children, my sisters Faranoz and Leila.
Mother told me today that when I was born, I did little other than eat and sleep. And that I was a very fat baby.
At the Childrens Home I was told that my mother visited me every day until I was 11 months old. The visits ceased from that time on and nobody knew why.
According to Iranian law a child can not be lawfully adopted before three years have passed. This was the reason I was four years old before I could leave the Childrens Home The Lion and the Sun and emigrate to Sweden. I was by then, in 1977, the oldest child in the Childrens Home.
I grew up in a middle-class area in Lidingö. During my upbringing, I often wondered about my biological roots. In my fantasy I imagined my mother was a Persian princess. I knew that she was tall, had long black henna-dyed hair and had green eyes, for I had seen her on TV. Sometimes I stood before the mirror with a sheet around my head and tried to imagine that we were alike.

Invited by Mikael Jansson

Gruppo F inbox: Change Mix Tapes with Me?

Photo: Lina Nääs
Does anyone want to change mix tapes with me? Reply to lina a/t solfoto.se.

Nursery Rhymes

Snapshot from Paris RER trains.

the zoo of art

DADA remains within the framework of European weaknesses, it's still shit, but from now on we want to shit in different colours so as to adorn the zoo of art with all the flags of all the consulates.
We are circus ringmasters and we can be found whistling amongst the winds of fairgrounds, in conventions, prostitutions, theatres, realities, feelings, restaurants, ohoho, bang bang.

TRISTAN TZARA, from 'Monsieur Antipyrine's Manifesto', 1916

we'll do everything for you

due expressed recenlty wishes of F blog stuff and viewers, to show uknown non European and non American photographers - I am happy to present a group of totally unknown Far East photographers.

gruppo F inbox: good morning Warsaw

photos by Jacek Gąsiorowski

F Cat?????

photo by Jeanne Wells
attitude by Ajax

Cats have very sharp parts, you know . . .