25 February 2007


GruppoF Inbox : ~Under concrete ~ by Ulla Larsson

gum bichromate

© Jeanne Wells

a bowl of pears from a year ago -- I might get back to it one of these days. This is a wonderful process, and lets me work with more realistic images more comfortably. Much harder than liquid emulsion, but worth the work.

postcard from portugal

Fairytale wedding

Grandma and grandpa wedding photo, I've looked at it many times.
Some people have that gift of touching things and it looks so
so *faboulous*, with an air of 'special' about it.
This photo is like that to me.
It looks so fairytale.
-- I bet they were nervous?

Something about going home for the weekend

Dad's got a new bird feeder

Me and great grandma

Simon playing with the lens cap


photo: abeku