01 January 2008

Trees (8)

Photographer: Tomas Zackarias Westberg

Trees (7)

Photographer: Henrik Isaksson

about titles of photos in F 08 projects etc.

We are truly glad to receive so many excellent pictures in our new projects. This is just the first day of 365 and we already have an impressive collection. Keep them coming! In order to "organize" this flow a bit, we have set up a list called "All photographers in F 08 projects." We will list your names there and link to the post where your picture is found. If you send more pictures over the year, they will be listed as well after your name.

You are free to put any title you want to your picture. The title will be displayed below the photo. If we have failed so far in putting a correct title, please send an email to let us know.

You are welcome to send series as well. If you want them published in a certain sequence, let us know. If you send several pictures, we may decide to publish them on different occasions.

Do you want us to link to your web site or blog? Please tell us. We will not do it otherwise. Many thanks!

Face to Face (2)

"Performance & Custum Motor Show, Elmia - Sweden 2006"
Photo: Nils Berqvist

Face to Face (1)

(oh those eyes)

Trees (6)

Photo: Markus Jenemark

Trees (5)

Gliwice House of Photography wishes good light in 2008

Trees (4)

Photos: Johan Österholm

Cudgel (in memoriam to J.P.)

... when contriving methods of killing
various techniques are considered

yet one always comes back to the simplest
(to the dismay of techocrats
convinced only their goddesses exist)
a cudgel will do-
a gnarled branch

potential armoury for instruments of torture and murder

and we struggle so to preserve the forests
forgetting that
while on the face of this earth
but on tree remains
people will die by the wooden cudgel

jabbed under the nail
of the earth

from The Selected Poetry of Ryszard Kapuściński: I Wrote Stone.

Trees (3)

Photo: Benny Persson

Trees (2)

Photo: Roy Hammans

Happy New Year!

photo: Jeanne Wells
Party Hard!

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We love to hear from you, dear reader of the F Blog. However the Blogger tool is far from perfect in all aspects. To leave a comment on somebody´s picture is easy, but still there is some confusion. The fastest way to comment is to chose Name/URL (you don´t have to fill in URL) and fill in your real name or nickname. If you know about OpenID or the Google/Blogger option you may of course use them as well. Welcome to participate!

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You will find a variety of projects, featured subjects or whatever you may call it on The F Blog. Please don´t hesitate to send photos for our consideration!

There is no guarantee in publishing all pictures we receive. However don´t hesitate to give it a try. We are there for photography.


All photographers - DOCU 08

Stankulov, Christo
The Hot Water - Varna, Bulgaria
Isaksson, Henrik
Wrecks in Vasby
Devine, Donna
The Watchers
Buse, Jan
Three Tales
Górski, Marcin IC Gliwice-Warsaw 17.10
Westberg, Tomas Zackarias
Visiting Kodak Hill

Pisuk, Maciej
People of Praga
Padilla, Robert
Lost oil stations - invited guest
Kuś, Łukasz
Independence in Kosova

Dows, Kevin C.
Chinese New Year's parade - invited guest
Jansson, Mikael
Journey to Asia (1)
Jansson, Mikael
Journey to Asia (2)
Buse, Jan
Fransson, Alexandra

Kleréus, Krister Fish and seafood
Lizurek, Grzegorz Line number 38
Wilson, Alan
Red flags in Edinburgh
Buse, Jan
Side scenes
Rowland, Beatriz
Dance ability
Brailly, Damien
G.M.B. Akash
Dhaka struggling to tackle worsening diarrhea
Buse, Jan Liseberg, opening today
Maluszynski, Chris
Florida tomatoe pickers

Buse, Jan Gothenburg today

Rowland, Beatriz
We experience discrimination
Bernhardtz, Jan
Walking down the avenue
Kinowska, Joanna Faith in the dailylife
Saccheri, Paolo Firenze A/R
Gąsiorowski, Jacek
Lie fallow
Górski, Marcin
Day of National Flag
Buse, Jan
The uncovering of a sculpture
Kinowska, Joanna
Arts & Dogs
Rowland, Bea
Under the bridge
Saccheri, Paolo
The Pope in Genova
Stankulov, Christo Children's carnival in la Rochelle, France
Jansson, Mikael Blood, sweat and tears

Kinowska, Joanna All you need is (F): love in the city

GC Labour Strike

Reviews on the F blog

On being a photographer.
David Hurn/Magnum in conversation with Bill Jay.
Published by Lenswork Publishing, 2008.
ISBN: 971-1-888803-06-8.
Reviewed on The F Blog: 13 November 2008.

Photo: Kyungwoo Chun.
Text: Nils Ohlsen, Wulf Herzogenrath, Jiyoon Lee & Urs Stahel.
Published by Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2008.
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2167-7.
Reviewed on The F Blog: 24 September 2008.

En blues från Landskrona.
Photo: Thomas H Johnsson.
Text: Jonas Bergh.
Published by Kulturföreningen JB23, 2007.
ISBN: 978-91-85629-12-1.
Reviewed on The F Blog: 12 August 2008.

Lennart Nilsson Stockholm.
Photo: Lennart Nilsson.
Text: Johan Erséus.
Published by Bokförlaget Max Ström, 2008.
ISBN: 978-91-7126-083-3.
Reviewed on the F blog: 07 August 2008.

For further information about reviews, sending review copies etc., please contact: gruppof_inbox@googlegroups.com