25 November 2006

For your eyes only, pt II

Metrograd revisited, some further sketches

photo: markus andersson

A pied

photo: abeku

Mother Nature Goes to Sleep

Camera Work (about)

I recommend you to go looking for these books, covering the
illustrations of Camera Work. Below are included some facts
that will facilitate the search.

Reproductions of All 559 Illustrations & Plates, Fully Indexed,
Edited by Marianne Fulton Margolis Dover Publications, Inc.,
New York and The International Museum of Photography
at George Eastman House, Rochester, NY., 1978.

Alfred Stieglitz, CAMERA WORK, the Complete Illustrations
1903-1917, Pam Roberts."..includes high quality reproductions
of 559 original photogravures published in the 50 editions...".
Calumet Photographic

And if you have a look here, you will find a list of the photographers
who contributed to make this journal a legend.

[Camera Work XLVII], 1915 Jan. / unidentified creator.
Article : 91 p. ; 32 x 22 cm.
Elizabeth McCausland papers, 1877-1960.
Archives of American Art.

silesian songs (in technicolor)

Yesterday I've met accidentaly in old part of the city friend of mine
- my former neighbour.
After return home we've watched with Cristina
my pictures from our former flat placed in magic heart of Upper Silesia.
I decided to share our memories with you. With special dedication to
Here you meet an old friend of mine, my former neighbour Ania
with her friend.

Photo: Marcin Górski

The Family

Guest: Tatiana Bitir

A free mind at work. That is how I best can describe Tatiana and her work. She was born in Romania and now lives in Toronto, Canada. Ever since I first saw her pictures a couple of years ago it has been a delight to return and see what she is up to. In her own words: "Trying to catch the passing time...always too late... Trying to find myself….always blind…. My photography ...is about hunting phantoms...." See more pictures by Tatiana Bitir here
Invited by Ulf Fågelhammar

©Tatiana Bitir

Autumn in Paris

The everlasting Paris motive.