17 February 2009

Invited guest: Carlos Bravo

Born in Córdoba (Spain) in the early seventies and eventually resided in Castellón, Carlos Bravo, self-taught and passionate of photography began several years ago to practice this discipline. Eager to experience the world of photography and looking for solutions outside the "conventional" Carlos is on the search continues from that point of view of those places that we see every day where you can catch with your camera part cutest, turning the elements of the urban landscape models posing for a magazine of high fashion.
Carlos is a lover of photography, urban and social, architecture, highlighting its work in digital format and also knows the lomografía which is named after the famous Lomo camera.

His photographs stand out in the book Fotografía en la red, has done exhibitions in Córdoba, Benicassim and Castellón. Artist has also been selected for exhibition by the Fund Caja España during 6 months in Castilla y León (Spain) and his photographs now form part of an audio-visual presentation directed by the University Jaume I de Castellón.
Form part of one of the most prestigious photographic groups throughout the country, the Photographic Association Sarthou Carreres.

Images and text provided by Carlos Bravo