17 January 2007

Gå vinnande ur matchen

I've been wrestling my thougts this fall but now I've got them with their backs to the floor

Gruppo F inbox: Patrick Romero, Los Angeles

©Patrick Romero
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no jury-no prizes-no commercial tricks

Alfred Stieglitz suggested in a letter to "The Blind Man" dated
April 13, 1917
that the names of the artists in a catalogue for
an exhibition should not
be revealed. An interesting approach,

See the complete letter here (from No 2, New York May 1917
The Blind Man)
Found at the International Dada Archive.

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good fortune

Markus's post made me think of simmilar portraits. i've chosen those powerful ones, with laughter and joy. i'd be glad if after 50 years they could look at these photos and say: "yeah, that was a good time!"

threw my bad fortune of the top of a tall building
i'd rather have done it with you
your boy's smile ive in the morning
looked into your eyes and i was really in love
/pj harvey - good fortune/