03 April 2009

Everlasting moments

A few weeks ago I went to the cinema and saw a wonderful movie called Maria Larsson's Everlasting Moments by director Jan Troell. It's about a young working class woman in the city of Malmö, Sweden, during the early 20th century. She wins a camera on a lottery and starts to develop a passion for photography and begins to explore new ways of seeing.

When I got home from the cinema I came to think about some glassplates that I bought at a garage-sale in Dalecarlia. After looking through a lot of boxes I finaly found them and here they are. (If you're in to the history of cloathing maybe you can help me with their age.)

Btw, I highly recommend the movie

meeting with Alex Majoli / soon

March 09 Fblog had a conversation with Alex Majoli. Stay tuned for the interview!
Alex Majoli /born 1971/. Italian photographer. From 1996 in Magnum. One of the youngest in the agency. Books, exhibitions, projects, etc...these most important:
Leros, One Vote, France05 Marseille for Euromed, and several more.

alex majoli in magnum
alex majoli / cesuralab
alex majoli speaking youtube
Alex doesn't posses any personal website.


photo: Johan Emanuelsson