22 October 2006

Guest: Kay von Aspern

I came across Kays work at photopoints.com, and really like them, love the composition and mood, and the play with light and shadow.

Kay writes:

"I enjoy taking shots from so called normal life. I don't need any
special events, any extraordinary places or something likate that. I go
outside, explore the places where I am and look. Better say observe :-)
For me a good picture is founding on studying environment. I try to keep
environment and people together. Sometimes the result is a kind of
humour. Another time maybe there is a melancholic situation. A third
time there is a surreal aspect I like to make the picture. Photography
means amusing myself. And although I am looking for some interesting
moments, I don't want anything. If you want it, you don't get it ;-)
Thank you for being your guest in Gruppo F!"

See more of Kays work here or here email: kay@von-aspern.de
Invited by Mats Äleklint.