25 January 2007

my meetings with Ryszard Kapuściński…Sweden

those meetings were multidimensional, sometimes I wasn’t even aware I was meeting him in a way. Somehow I was following his way, also in geographical aspect. During a week in March 2006 while Gruppo F organized F12 exhibition in Stockholm – Mr. Kapuściński was just there. You may find some marks of his visit in Swedish papers from this time ie in SvD and in DN.Kultur

people at work, Gruvön

Anneli Lundberg sent me some excellent pictures that I am happy
to share with you. She was our invited guest
3 October 2006.
It´s good to see you again at the F blog Anneli! -urbano

"These pictures were published in a book printed in 2006, celebrating
the 75th anniversary of a branch (Gruvön) of the Swedish Paper
Workers Union. I was asked to contribute with ten pages of photos
presenting my view of Gruvön.
It turned out that I was finally asked
to illustrate the entire book. It was a very stimulating project since I
was free to chose my way of creating the pictures.
I was glad that
I didn´t have to do a documentary because it´s not quite my way
of photographing"

photographer©Anneli Lundberg

viktor ( the fleeting moment)

Anchored by the slim trunk, sandwiched between the spaces...there is
a tentative intimacy to this image, for me. A feeling not so different
from coming across a fawn in the forest. Almost a chance encounter.
A sudden movement and he scampers into the brush.

I love this photo for the silent communion between photographer and
small creature. The blanket of ground cover...the depth of the woods
...a still silence in the Fleeting Moment...the Right Moment to depress
a shutter.

I feel the urge to brush aside the blurred leaves of the foreground.
Close enough to touch...just extend the arm and shove to the right
...step forward with the left foot...and the image vanishes...nothing
but a handful of leaves and the illusion of having shared something
a moment ago.

The Fleeting Moment.
(Matthew T. Joyce)

the stereotypes?

some streetshots from palermo&catania. i'm trying these because of the faces. what are your associates with sicily, what are the stereotypes? do people live there like in my pics?
i often ask this question while making photos "at home". i know it, i feel it, and i can tell a story. although i know sicily quite qell, i'm not native, i'd never understand some things.
which is easier: to tell a story you know pretty good or the one you can't know but you just feel excited?