11 July 2008

Waiting for the Daily Print

photo: Jeanne Wells

Where do you suppose the Daily Print is today?
I dunno
Well, It's Friday isn't it?
Maybe we should watch something else this week, you know?
Yeah, I know.
Can you get me a beer please?
No, wait a minute -- I feel more like something pink --

Route to Pilane



Photographer: Grzegorz Lizurek

a smile

Photo: Jan Bernhardtz

How to Photograph ( The F Guide )

Well...It struck me that we have a subject called How to Not (Photograph). Don´t you think it´s time that we get down to business and share some tips and tricks of "how to photograph". The professor thinks so. Please send your contributions to gruppof-inbox@googlegroups.com. In the picture you see an example-measuring the light against your hand. Old school stuff. But we are open to any smart solution you may come up with.
/The Professor